Farm R&D Tax Relief

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A Farm R&D Tax Relief claim can represent as much as 33% return on investment!

R&D Farm Tax Reliefs

Farm R&D Tax Relief

You would be surprised at what qualifies for Farm R&D Tax Relief.

Farm R&D Tax Relief is a government initiative to support and reward limited companies that are trying to improve internal processes in an attempt to increase the overall performance of the farm.

A proportion of all costs associated with farm trials will qualify for tax relief, typically this includes feed, wages, meds, vet bills, utility bills, lab costs, wages, and salaries.

Farm R&D Tax Relief can only be claimed for up to two years from the end of your accounting period, you won’t be able to eligible to claim for any projects that took place more than two years ago. The key areas for Farm R&D Tax Relief are:

  • Arable Farm Research & Development Tax Relief
  • Dairy and Swine Farms Research & Development Tax Relief
  • Poultry Farm Research & Development Tax Relief

Arable Farm R&D Tax Relief Qualification

  • Experimentation growing crops across varying soil types to improve crop quality and yield.
  • Development efforts to grow drought resistant crops as a result of climate change.
  • Development of improved methodologies so as to mitigate or eliminate instances of clubroot (soil borne disease).
  • Development of innovative crop spraying protocols to reduce pest damage, plant stress and improve crop yield and quality.
  • Development of  unique crop cultivation methodologies resulting in increased crop yields.

Arable Farm R&D Tax Relief

Dairy and Swine Farm R&D Tax Relief Qualification

  • Ongoing trials to reduce amount of antibiotics used on the farm without negatively impacting the health of the herd.
  • Trialling various feed quantities and combinations in an attempt to increase overall milk yield quantity and/or quality.
  • Improving sustainability by reducing denitrification and soil erosion.

Dairy and Poultry Farm R&D Tax Relief

Poultry Farm R&D Tax Relief Qualification

  • Development of innovative feed blends and protocols. For example incorporating wheat to improve gut health, maximising feed conversion ratio (FCR) and improve control over weight gain.
  • Development of improved vaccination schedules to reduce health impact upon birds incorporating seasonal fluctuations and maternal variations. For example the development of enhanced coccidiosis prevention protocols to reduce incidence of disease through reducing parasite resistance and improving coccidiostat medication frequency.
  • Development of improved ventilation systems to enhance control over homogeneity of temperature and humidity balanced with external environmental conditions.

The Farm R&D Tax Relief you receive could fund future projects! There’s no risk attached and the initial conversation takes around twenty minutes!
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